No Training Wheels Required

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Acts 13:46-52

One piece of good advice that I have received is that you should never be afraid to fail.

Paul met failure often. He was rejected, mocked, beaten, stoned and imprisoned. But he didn’t let it stop him. He could have given up and chosen to do something else, something easier, safer and less threatening to his life, but he didn’t. Instead he just shook the dust from his feet and continued to preach the good news.

I have been teaching my son how to ride his bike without training wheels. At first he was terrified that I would let go of him and he would crash. Finally I told him that crashing was part of learning to ride a bike. In order to learn to ride his bike he would have to crash a few times. After a couple of days of practice and a few spills he was riding his bike like a pro.

Unfortunately believers constantly fall short of following what God is calling them to do because they are afraid of failing. I thank God that Paul wasn’t afraid to fail.

– Aaron Anderson


Lord, help me to accept the bumps and bruises that lead to your definition of success.