Ears Wide Open

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Proverbs 10:19-23

Over the years my grandfather taught me many lessons, none more important than this: A closed mouth and open ears insure a great opportunity.

While running his gasoline station, I saw him listen to farmers when they stopped in for coffee. He gave an attentive ear as he filled gas tanks. I noticed that people would tell my grandpa anything. They would bear their souls and open their hearts whenever they saw him. I always thought it would be easy to solve their problems with some good advice, but Grandpa would simply listen. He would not speak unless and until they asked. When he did speak, they listened because he knew their story and they trusted him.

Scripture talks repeatedly about the importance of being prudent with our words. No wonder my grandfather’s example made such an impression. An ear quick to listen is far more powerful than a tongue that is quick to wag. My grandpa taught me that an open ear can be the key to significantly helping someone experience God’s love in their life.

– Doug Baker


Lord, open my ears and help me hold my tongue so that I can be your ear to a hurting world.