Stuck High On a Grain Elevator

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Proverbs 14:12-16

One day I decided to try the ultimate in my climbing career. For me, an eight-year-old, the grain elevator in my rural, Iowa hometown was a formidable challenge. I climbed and climbed until the only thing between victory and me was the hatch at the top. I came through a conquering hero. And, to be sure that my success was not marred by tragedy, I shut the hatch for I didn’t want my awe of the view to cause me to stumble and fall through.

The panorama was magnificent. I beat the tallest structure in town! I was the climbing king. After a proud scanning of the horizon, like a lion king looking over his domain, it was time to descend. That’s when I learned that the hatch had latched on the other side. I was locked out-actually locked up on the tallest structure in town.

We all make decisions like mine in our lives. We think we’re accomplishing something great only to find out that we have created a mess. I intended to protect myself from a fall. Instead I succeeded in trapping myself. We must seek God’s way if we want our paths to end in freedom.

– Doug Baker


Lord, lead me in every decision. Save me from reckless, self-destructive moves.