Go All The Way

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : 1 Samuel 15:16-23

A friend and I went to pick up a couch that was donated to our youth group. We stopped at the address and told the young girl who answered the door why we were there. She let us in the house and pointed to a couch. We assumed this was the donation and in no time the couch was in the youth room at church. That afternoon the church received a call from the police saying two young men claiming to be from our church had stolen a couch. We soon realized our mistake. The house number was right, but we never considered whether the house was on the east or west side of town!

King Saul was given explicit directions to completely destroy the Amalekites, but he thought it would be impressive to sacrifice some of the spoils to God. Samuel reminded Saul that God is not impressed by sacrifices and worship routines but rather by our obedience. Saul fell short of thoroughly following God’s instructions. When God asks us to do something, doing it only part way is just as displeasing as not doing it at all. God does not need our substitutes.

– Burt Bolt


Lord, forgive us for the times we fail to listen to your instructions. Help us to follow your commands thoroughly.