Positive Name Calling

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Romans 12:9-13

The last entry on the Apostle’s list of “marks of the true Christian” reminds me of a piece of advice my older sister once gave me. It was the morning of my first day of high-school. I was scared. My sister was a senior, an experienced voyager through the same long, dark hallways I would be walking. As I sat there, nervously waiting for the fateful moment when the car would start and the safety of my home become a mere memory, she looked at me, smiled and said, “just make sure to use people’s names when you say hi to them.”

The advice didn’t ease the tension of the hallways. It didn’t do much for my spinning stomach. But at their core, her words do sound much like the Apostle Paul’s suggestion, “extend hospitality.” Without explanation my older sister was showing me the opportunity, even if only in a small way, to extend hospitality. She was advising me to be a faithful follower of Jesus even in the routines of my daily contacts, making even the smallest “hallway hello” a way of living out the marks of my faith.

– Jonathon Brown


Lord Jesus, help me to extend hospitality and a friendly manner to everyone I encounter today.