Not So Smart

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Proverbs 13:13-20

The first car that I ever owned was a 1970 Buick Skylark. As a sixteen-year-old, the car was everything that I had dreamed of and more. Fully equipped with vinyl seats, a rusted-out body, and leaking red, green, and brown fluids, my dream car became my prize possession for the amazingly low cost of $200. While driving my fine car one day I noticed that my oil light was flashing on and off in an irregular fashion. I chose to ignore the light and continued to drive the car for several days without heeding its instruction. Then the engine, out of oil, overheated, froze up and I had to junk the car. Dumb!

The author of Proverbs gives us sound advice so that we can avoid making dumb mistakes in life. Each verse in this section of Proverbs is divided into two parts: the blessings we receive by following the ways of the wise and the consequences of playing the fool.

When we listen to good instruction from God’s Word, we will be rewarded with blessings of honor, favor, and wisdom, but if out of selfish pride we ignore good instruction, we will bring disgrace upon ourselves.

I wish now that I had taken that warning light seriously, but if I had, maybe I wouldn’t be sharing this good advice now!

– Chris DeGraaf


Dear God, Help me to hear and be Bible-smart always. Amen.