Stubborn and Stranded

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Proverbs 3:7-18

Storm, what storm? Leaving the sunny shores of Florida bound for Michigan, I chose not to listen to the looming bad weather reports. Reports that were beginning to call the snowstorm hitting southern Georgia the “Storm of the Century.” Ignoring all warning signs, I stubbornly drove my family into the raging storm. We ended up stranded on a super-highway for 19 hours, stuck in our van in freezing temperatures. Forty-nine hours later at home, I fully realized that not paying attention to the warnings but relying only on my knowledge to make our way home was a serious mistake. My children thought it was a lark. Will they learn as slowly as I?

In living a life of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we expose ourselves to danger when we ignore the Word of God. The ancient wisdom of Proverbs directs us to trust in the Lord and not to rely on our own insight. It does not call for only a portion of our trust but all of our heart. Lest we be self-willed, we need to embrace the promise that God will bless us with the wisdom necessary to guide us on our journey home to an eternity with God. Storm, what storm? God knows the dangers when we don’t.

– Steve DeLoof


Lord Jesus, please forgive me for relying on my own self-assertion while I ignore the wise counsel of your Word. Amen.