Running Away, Coming Back

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Matthew 6:19-34

My father’s hands were larger than a catcher’s mitt! I remember them as a child; strong, scarred, and rough from endless hours of carpentry work that he loved so much. Each time those powerful hands gripped mine I knew that I was secure and everything would be all right. Later as a know-it-all young man, I began to walk far away from those hands that guided me. I rejected Dad’s wisdom learned from a life of hidden struggles.

Years later I “came home.” One day, to the splash of fishing lure on a sun-drenched afternoon, I cast-out the question, “Dad, what advice could you pass on to a new father in these uncertain times?” Strongly, without hesitation he spoke, “Life isn’t easy; it’s true. But God is always faithful to provide for every need. First you need to trust God.” Wondering, I asked how God had demonstrated this to him. In a flash my strong dad exposed his vulnerability. He described to me the crucial moments of God’s intervening provision for our family which I never recognized.

Life in this rusting world often leaves us broken and without hope. God simply asks us to put our lives in his hands, trusting in his promises. Thanks, Dad, I love you!

– Steve DeLoof


Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness every day.