It's Always Too Soon to Quit

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Hebrews 12:1-3

When I was still in high school my father gave me some advice that I have tried to live by over the years: “If you start something, finish it. Don’t quit.” It was good advice.

As a sophomore this advice was tested when I went out for the football team. Play kept getting rougher during the first five weeks, and I asked my dad about quitting mid-season. Instead of letting me quit, my father encouraged me to stick it out for full season. Two years later I made the All-District Team at tight end.

The author of Hebrews focuses on a much higher standard than the All-District Team. He encourages us to persevere through tough times and reach for the standard set by our Lord Jesus Christ. The challenges are many on this road to perfection. Our sin trips us up. Temptation seeks us out. Life doesn’t always go our way.

The joy that Jesus saw was the salvation of God’s children and God’s rule in people’s hearts. Can you see God’s kingdom here on earth? Are you willing to persevere to perfection to see the kingdom lived out in your own life? Christ ran a tough race for us. Let’s run the race with him for others.

– Darrin DeVries


Lord, remove from us the things that hinder, and teach us to persevere. Amen.