Liberating Light

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Exodus 13:17-22

We can have confidence in this: God faithfully leads his people out of oppression to new life. God’s ever-present activity among us restores our lives.

The Lord was in the pillar of cloud and fire guiding Israel out of Egypt to the Red Sea. He liberated them and they entered a new life.

Two summers ago I attempted to orient four young hikers through a wooded forest that grew darker each moment. No trail directed us back to camp. I held only a compass. “Oh no,” I thought as I realized my mistake, “I forgot a light.” We couldn’t see the compass without light. Quickly, we were swallowed up by the dark. We could not return so we stopped for the night.

As the people of Israel hiked across the desert, the Lord went in front giving them direction. God oriented them to a totally new situation in life.

Friends, God’s Spirit is the eternal fire of God. The Spirit flawlessly leads us through the desolate deserts of sin and death to new life. With the Spirit as our pillar of light we can traverse through the darkest forest to an illuminated life in Jesus Christ. He dispels dread and despair and leads us on to a life of promise.

– Kent Frens


Guide us, O God. Send your Spirit before us leading us to a luminous life in Christ Jesus. Amen.