Nestle, Don't Wrestle

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Psalm 37:1-9

I’ve always been a wrestler, not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. If I am overwhelmed by responsibility or a major decision, it looms large and formidable before me. I’m prone to worry and stew. My Grandmother has always been a source of wisdom for me. She would listen to my fretting and ranting, always responding with something that frustrated me even more. “Just pray about it, Johnny,” she would say. I would say something like: “Yeah, I’m praying about it, but you don’t understand. There are many big issues to consider in my decision.”

To this day I continue to wrestle long and hard with heavy loads and important decisions. One pithy little saying of my grandmother still rings in my ears when I need to commit to the Lord rather than lean on my own understanding. She would say, “Johnny, nestle, don’t wrestle.” When she said that, I pictured myself as a child of faith held tightly in the arms of my Lord, resting safely. There is something absolutely wonderful about a child in the arms of Jesus, trusting him for every need. His embrace makes much more sense than all the worry and wrestling that our experienced, alert minds can arouse.

– John Haas


Lord, teach me to rest in your arms of love trusting fully in your provision and guidance.