Invite Censorship

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : James 3:7-12

I was sixteen-old enough to know better. Yet, with one thoughtless comment I managed to jeopardize a close friendship of seven years. My words shook the fragile foundations of trust and respect upon which all friendships are built. My friend was so hurt by my words that he refused to talk to me. For three weeks eerie silence replaced the usual playful banter between the two of us. My repeated pleas for forgiveness could not undo the hurt of my comment, and I knew it. The sting was too deep. The pain was too real. In time our friendship mended, but the hurt took a long time to heal. Although I had to learn the hard way, I did learn. Ever since then I have prayed that God will restrain the deadly poison of my tongue. Far too many inappropriate comments have slipped out since that incident. I know too that God’s Holy Spirit has nipped bad thoughts so I have left them unsaid.

The human tongue truly is a restless evil, capable of causing great pain when left unchecked. We would be wise to recognize that we all need God’s holy censorship in our lives so that our words will serve to glorify God and not hurt others.

– Gary Hanson


Father control my tongue today. Teach me how to build others up for your glory. In Jesus name. Amen.