Look For Christ in All You Meet

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Matthew 5:43-48

Have you ever seen Jesus? Not pictures or drawings, but Jesus the person? Have you seen him walking the streets where you work or where you play? I have, and in the strangest places you can imagine! I have seen Jesus in the eyes of a frightened child who lost his mother in the store, and in the eyes of the person who took him to find her. Jesus is in the man who gave half of his lunch to a homeless man and invited the man to sit with him for awhile. Jesus is in the eyes of an elderly woman who is dying and asking; “Where am I going?”

My mother always told her children, “Look for Christ in everyone, especially in people you don’t like.” This can be the most difficult exercise, especially if you are having a bad day. But, Jesus is in the faces of all people in need as well as in the faces of people who love others. Jesus may surprise you at where he can be seen. I certainly have been surprised. Where have you found Jesus today? Remember also that Jesus is in all believers. Shine with God’s love and enable others to see Jesus through your words and actions.

– Edie Lenz


Grant us eyes to see and ears to hear you in the love and actions of everyone we meet. In Christ we pray, Amen.