Playing the Fool

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Isaiah 48:17-19

When I was young and foolish, I did not always listen to my mother. One day while in high school my defiance ended up causing me great trouble.

The student senate for Bethlehem Central High School was planning an outdoor festival. At the time I was heavily involved in theater as the technical director. The senate asked for my help with an outdoor concert. I volunteered and was given the task of setting up and running the entire concert. Now you must understand, with my fair skin, my mother constantly tells me to use sunscreen lotion. So I left early in the morning of the concert wearing only a tank top and did not heed her advice. Well, I am sure you can imagine what I looked like after an entire day in the sun. If you have ever received a small burn, multiple it 10 times and you may be able to imagine the burn on my back. I was unable to lie down or put anything over my shoulders. Fortunately, my mother had a home remedy for just such a foolish son.

God teaches us for our own good in the fashion of our parents. We will make dumb mistakes when we do not listen.

– Jonathan Meester


Holy Father, too often we do not listen to your teaching. Forgive and guide us so that we stop hurting ourselves and offending you. Amen.