God's Way-the Best Way

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Galatians 3:1-14

As kids it was our job on the farm to move bedding straw from the hayloft to the baby calves outside. This loft was dimly lit and poorly ventilated. Attached to the side of the loft were pig pens and a cow-holding area. Both animal smells vented into the loft and created an unpleasant odor! My brother and I decided that we would fix both problems all at once. Our solution was to kick holes in the back wall so we could get light and ventilation at the same time. The holes we made would be covered up by new bales a week later. Good idea, right? My dad didn’t think so. What we thought would solve the problem didn’t last and got us in big trouble. Instead of following the right way of fixing the problem, which would be to go to Dad first, we chose our own impulsive way.

Similarly, the Galatians decided not to follow God’s way of salvation. They believed that they could earn salvation by following the law instead of having faith in God who had already provided salvation for them. Paul tells us “The righteous will live by faith.” Can we improve on God’s way of salvation?

– Cory Moss


Lord Jesus, we rejoice that you have provided a full salvation. Help us not to create our own solutions.