Just Fishin' or Going Fishing?

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : Luke 15:1-7
Mark 1:16-18

There is a difference between just fishin’ and going fishing. When you go fishing, the end goal is to catch fish. However if you are just a goin’ fishin’, you have yet to put yourself in a position to do any catching.

This has certainly proven true in my experience as a fly fisherman. If there are no trout in the pool where I am fishing I can whip the water to a foam and never get a bite. But if I see fish rising to the surface and sipping flies, my chances of catching a fish rise dramatically.

The Pharisees and the tax collectors were not “fishers of men.” They confined themselves to the exclusive pool of their own separatist religion. They resented Jesus for associating with sinners, the people God wants to “catch.” The Jewish religious authorities were just a fishin’ in their own sterile pool.

Many churches today are no different. We are concerned only with our “own kind.” We forget that there are people in our communities who need to be caught for God. It is as if we are trying to fish where there are no fish or where the fish are not hungry. Let’s cast a line for new believers!

– Troy Van Beek


Heavenly Father, give us the ability to know the difference between catching souls and playing church.