A Dumb Move

Western Theological Seminary Students

READ : John 15:1-8

At an early age I made a huge mistake while trying to grow an extra large pumpkin. I had read that it is possible to milk-feed a pumpkin. To do this you have to make a small cut in the underside of the vine close to the pumpkin and insert a wick that is placed in a container full of milk. I mistakenly cut the pumpkin from the vine and then placed it in the garage for safe-keeping! I inserted the wick and fed it milk as if it were an abandoned puppy. The pumpkin, of course, did not grow.

John compares us to branches on the True Vine which are to bear much fruit. The only way that it’s possible for us to bear fruit is if we remain in Jesus Christ in the same way that pumpkins will only grow when they are attached to the vine. If we become cut off, we are left to wither like the little green pumpkin I saw wither and rot on the garage floor.

Jesus’ command is for us to abide in him, to remain attached to the source of our salvation. Are you firmly attached to the True Vine? If you aren’t I encourage you to look to Jesus as the source of your salvation so that you will be sure to bear much good fruit.

– Troy Van Beek


Dear Lord, may I always remain attached to the True Vine and so be willing and able to bear much fruit.