Gentleness Is Not Weakness

Ron Geschwendt

READ : James 3:13-17

George H. W. Bush called the nation to be more “gentle and kind.” He saw too much violence and was unashamed to encourage gentleness. Wives are battered. Children are abused. People climbing the corporate ladder will nip at each other’s heels. Nevertheless, wisdom from heaven says if you want the good life, you will be “peace loving, considerate and submissive” (3:17).

According to the Chicago Tribune (Monday, August 26, 1996) two boys found their twelve-year-old brother Samuel dead in their yard. He had hung himself from a tree. Samuel had a weight problem. He feared the ridicule he would face on his first day back in school.

Something needs to happen within us before we can practice gentleness. By nature we are prone to anger and are quick to snarl. Christ is able to change our attitude and set us free from ourselves. Embracing Christ as Savior requires submission to him. He said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart?” (Matthew 11:28). Christ is able to give you a new heart and a gentle spirit.


Lord Jesus, forgive my aggression. Make me gentle like you. Amen.