Personal Peace

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Romans 5:1-11

Peace remains elusive as long as we remain at odds with God. Without God we will go on waging war. As long as there is no peace between God and us, there is the likelihood of war.

Nations and people attempt to patch up their differences by diplomacy or force, but this is never permanent. Patching up our differences with God fails too. God says he will give us peace if we do what he asks.

As long as our sin is unforgiven by God, we are at war with him, and we are more likely to be at war with other people. Peace with God is achieved when war is replaced by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1,10). If we confess our sins to God, he will freely forgive us and remove the sins which stand between us and himself. Then the war is over.

Our personal forgiveness by God gives us the desire to make peace with our neighbors. Where there is peace there is joy. Where there is joy there is laughter and dancing. Where weapons of war are exchanged for God’s love, we can experience peace and become active peacemakers.


Holy God, give me peace with you through your Son, and make me an agent of peace. Amen.