Divided We Fall

Ron Geschwendt

READ : 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

A well-trained army fights as one. A successful basketball team plays as a unit. When husbands and wives live as one, they know happiness and the security of each other’s love. Divisiveness causes mischief. Backbiting, division and jealousy toss a church into turmoil.

The Apostle Paul was the founding pastor of the church in Corinth. After he left, he wrote letters of counsel to the young church. One of the first problems he addressed was their rancorous divisions. Paul urged them to be united in mind and thought.

There are many religions and ideologies in the world, each boasting to be true. There are at least five major religions in the world and 34,000 Christian denominations. This disunity among Christians is confusing to those seeking oneness with God.

The church does not have the luxury of nursing divisions. Divided we are weak. The church is called to proclaim salvation through the one, true and living God. As God is one, his people are one. And they have one message of acceptance, compassion and unity.


O Lord, make us one as you are one through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.