Sex Standards – God's or Ours?

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Ephesians 5:1-7

Christians, you ought to live without “a hint of sexual immorality.” These were the words of St. Paul to the Church at Ephesus. Who is able or even willing to live like that today? Laws of purity and chaste behavior are being stripped of any authority and dignity.

In the Western world we are bombarded with raw sexual images which degrade our God-given sexuality. Television programs boldly press the boundaries of pornography and nudity. Tragically, what we look at is often what we become. Sex before marriage is not even thought to be a sin. It doesn’t matter with most people that God does not permit it for believers. Sadly, many people are seemingly unaware that God has reserved sex for the marriage bed. Gallup reports 60 percent of Americans find nothing wrong with premarital sex, and 52 percent say singles living together is okay. There is a growing aversion to marriage itself and cohabitation is being accepted as normal.

Somehow many people have convinced themselves that biblical standards are invalid, offensive and archaic. God still shows his wrath against all impurity, including obscenity and even coarse joking (5:4).


O Lord, give me a pure heart. Help me celebrate within your limits the sexual nature you gave me. Amen.