Drunkenness Is Sin

Ron Geschwendt

READ : 1 Peter 4:1-6

God never said drinking a glass of wine is sin. He teaches us that drunkenness is sin (4:3). Too much alcohol is dangerous. The goal God sets for our lives is moderation and self-control in all things. Orgies, carousing and idolatry are what unbelievers choose to do. Followers of Christ seek to honor him at all times even by what they eat and drink.

Drunkenness contributes to many divorces, sexual sin, child and spousal abuse, loss of work and fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, alcohol is often consumed as an escape from responsibility and stress. Friends will drink together and no one has the courage to stop.

Rarely does anyone admit that they drink too much. They will blame their drinking on someone else. On August 2, 1997 James Aleff awoke to find himself face down between the rails of a railroad bed. Police believe he had been drinking and passed out on the track. A train rolled over him. He received a miserable headache from the constant bumps by the protruding axles. He should be grateful he was not lying face-up!

Alcoholism is a treacherous disease. God urges us to be sober and alert at all times.


Creator of my body and soul, help me to exercise self-control in all that I eat and drink. In Jesus’ name. Amen.