Wide Awake

Ron Geschwendt

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Drinking, late nights, and worship to the false gods of limitless tolerance will take us down a slippery slope.

How should we live since we know that Christ will return to the earth without any advance warning? Christ has said that he will return to the earth not to offer salvation, but to preside over the final judgment of all people. Safety through the judgment will depend upon our possession of the gift of faith. Obedience and goodness is always the fruit of genuine faith. Lip service proves nothing. Those committed to Christ are ready for the judgment because belonging to him means following him. Children of God act like children of God. They are “alert and self-controlled.” They have the hope of salvation (5:8).

A mother and her son were co-piloting their plane over New England in 1997. Twenty-five minutes after take-off, they failed to respond to the flight controller in New York. The plane appeared to be on automatic pilot. An hour and half later their plane crashed in New Hampshire. They both died unaware of the presence of carbon monoxide from a hole in the muffler.

Sin like carbon monoxide is deceiving. We must turn away from it and live by Christ’s light.


Father, give me courage. Help me to reject sin and do your will. May I live in your light. Amen.