Meet God – a Personal Introduction

Ron Geschwendt

READ : John 14:1-11

A jar of water from Lake Michigan will tell you nothing of its size and beauty. The sound of the crashing waves on a sandy beach is not captured in a quart of water. To speculate on God’s holiness or mercy is not enough. His greatness and love must be seen in order to be known.

How is it possible to see God? Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (14:9). Jesus spoke of things only God could know. He authenticated his words with miracles. In Jesus we see the personality, power, compassion and love of God. God miraculously entered our world in the person of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, five miles outside of Jerusalem. To know him is to know God.

Curt flew his kite so high it went out of sight. A passer-by asked if there was a kite on the end of the string. “Grab hold of the kite string,” he said, “do you feel the kite pull?”

We may say God does not exist, or that we cannot know him, but all our talk does not make it true. God can be seen in Christ. To know and worship Christ will change your life forever for in Christ we meet God.


Lord Jesus Christ, show us the heavenly Father, the one true and living God. Only you can do so.