Overflowing Love

Ron Geschwendt

READ : 1 John 4:7-12

Love is kind and does not boast. It keeps no score of wrongs (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). A window to love opens to us in words like commitment, trust, sacrifice, patience and mercy. The purest form of love is found in God himself. Out of deepest love, God gave his Son for you and me. In his sacrificial death upon the cross, Christ held nothing back. He set aside the splendor that was his and became a man in order to save us, body and soul. It came at a great price. His life for ours.

The forgiven sinner will love others, even at a sacrifice. Love is not only talk, but it is also action. It is often hard to love others. God promises to give us both the desire and ability to love anyone.

This past year at the bedside of a lovely thirty-three- year-old woman dying of cancer, I saw love. She knew she was loved by God even as she fought this terrible disease. Her husband, children and greater family held her in their arms. They comforted her with love. Many in her family have embraced God’s love, and they knew how to give her the same overflowing love.

Love, for what is right and true, love for a friend, love even for our enemies, comes from God.


Jesus, lover of my soul, teach me how to really love. Amen.