Long on Patience

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Galatians 5:19-26

Patience does have its reward. The word patience means “to suffer long” (5:22). Patience is the quality of putting up with others when severely tried by them. If we suffer for a just cause without bitterness, we will learn patience.

Fabre, the great naturalist, began his most serious work at sixty. He accomplished the most at seventy. He was granted fame at ninety. He nurtured all his insects in old flower pots and sardine cans. He said his two best instruments were time and patience.

Sudanese children were driven from Northern Sudan in what seemed to them a death march. They were starving and often separated from family, but with dogged patience they walked for hundreds of miles. But today they give testimonies of joy and gratitude to God for sparing their lives. Patience pays.

God uses time and patience in shaping us. We are told “to wait on the Lord”(Psalm 27:14). Most of us are impatient but God is not. God’s perspective is eternal while he does his work in us. Look at the patience of Christ with his reluctant disciples. God slowly orchestrates everything for our good. Trials produce patience in us (Romans 5:3). Patience leads to true success.


Father, help us to live patiently even in long and hard times. In Jesus’ name. Amen.