God's Law – Easy to Break, Hard to Keep

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Nehemiah 9:26-31

Lawlessness is everywhere. We shout, “Does anyone keep the law anymore?” Law breakers are found among senators, mayors, fathers, their children, and our heroes. If we depend on the law to keep us safe and happy, we will be discouraged. The law is too easily broken.

Nehemiah protests Israel’s arrogance and disobedience of God’s law. Even though God delivered them from their enemies, fed them in the desert and blessed them with olive and fruit trees, they broke his law. They even killed their true prophets. God forgave their sins, but they repeated them.

Terrorists are law breakers. What of abortionists? They may not break the law of the land, but what of the law of God? Murderers take life with violence. Gossips and liars destroy a person’s name. Arsonists burn schools and students cheat on a final exam.

“There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10). Knowing the law does not keep us from breaking it. When the law is broken, there are tears and even death.

Good news for the law breaker: God is merciful. He will forgive. He will place his law in our hearts.


God of Mercy and Grace, help us to discover in your Son the answer to our lawlessness. Amen.