Remade Better Than Before

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Romans 3:19-26

In Hank Ketcham’s cartoon Dennis the Menace, Dennis is seated in a corner with his face to the wall. He is alone with his thoughts. On the wall is his crayon artwork which obviously is unappreciated by his mother. Dennis thinks, “Boy, I wish life came with an eraser.”

If only we could live yesterday over again! Sin makes our lives miserable and those around us as well. Sin separates us from a holy God, the one who created us and to whom we are accountable. God is unable by his nature to overlook sin, loving as he may be. The only chance we have with a holy God is for him to erase our sins. The good news is that he found a way to do it. God gave his Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross in exchange for our sin. Christ took the punishment due us for breaking his law. If we admit to violation of God’s laws and believe in what God did for us at the cross, our sins will be erased forever. God, through his love, accepts us as far better than we are. Once Christ’s righteousness is applied to us, we are not only looked upon by God as clean and whole, but he infuses us with the will and desire to do what is right.

What a gift from God! Yes, Dennis, life does come with an eraser.


O holy God, I confess my sin. Make me holy through Jesus’ death for me. Amen.