Freedom for Christ

Pricilla Fu

READ : Philippians 1:12-14

For almost a decade Mongolians have been valuing independence and freedom of conscience, religion, thought, free expression of opinion, speech, press and peaceful gatherings.

One of the worst situations I can imagine would be to have my personal freedom taken away because of my faith in Christ. Yet that is precisely what has been happening to some people residing in certain Asian countries. They have been criticized and blamed, detained and chained because they are Christians. But do they lay low since it is hazardous to speak for Christ? On the contrary, they are busy preaching the gospel, sharing their faith experience with others. When other believers hear how they are proclaiming Christ in such difficult circumstances, they feel encouraged to do the same.

Paul’s words from prison should move all of us to use every opportunity to share the message of Christ’s love with others, since most of us have no fear of being victimized and let us pray for believers who are being maltreated.

– Priscilla Fu


Lord, help me to use my freedom for you, and to pray for persecuted believers.