Believe in God's Power

Pricilla Fu

READ : Ephesians 2:11-22

The parents of Undram were enormously happy at her birth. They expressed their gladness to others by showing her pictures to them, talking about how cute she was and how fast she was growing. But their happiness didn’t last. A few months later their lovely daughter started to behave strangely. After numerous tests they were told that their daughter had a brain tumor. They were advised to plan for another baby.

The parents didn’t want to give up so they left their work and began to look for a brain surgeon. They talked with one pediatrician after another, moving from one hospital to another. Years passed but still no one was willing to perform the surgery. The child was not improving. The parents were losing hope. Then one day they heard the gospel on the radio telling them to believe in God and ask the Lord for help. A month later their daughter had a successful surgery. The parents were happy. God honored their unfaltering love, opened their hearts to believe, and moved the surgeon to operate.

– Priscilla Fu


Our God, your miracles continue to amaze us.