True Love

Pricilla Fu

READ : 1 John 4:7-13

Cultures of different nations around the world define love every day in a thousand inferior and misleading ways. Jesus defined love, not with the verbal precision of wordsmiths that make dictionaries. He defined it perfectly by giving his life for us.

John says, “God is love” and “love comes from God.” Love means God is committed to us. His love determines his attitude and actions toward us. His power serves his love. He has set limits on his own behavior. The restriction he makes on himself is holy love. This love is the foundation of all that he creates and does. It is the glue of the universe, of life, of the past, present and future. It cannot be ignored or violated without disastrous consequences.

John says, “My beloved friends, love originates with God. So we must keep on loving each other.” John has often seen what happens when Christians oppose and fight each other. He says, “Stop. Pay attention to the principle of love that God has set forever as the basis for our relationship with him and each other.”

– Priscilla Fu


Lord God, saturate my life with your love.