Becoming God's Friend

Stephen Paul

READ : Genesis 12:1-9

Friendship requires that one sacrifice his own interest, life style and even future prospects to come closer to another person. Becoming a good friend is not easy when we think of life as we know it. The characteristics for becoming a friend of God are identical. This principle is exemplified in the life of Abraham.

Within a period of forty years God appeared to Abraham ten times. At every appearance he revealed a new secret and requirement of divine friendship. Abraham accepted that willingly. At the first appearance God told him to leave his country, kindred and father’s house. It was a costly demand but he did not hesitate. Therefore, it is no surprise that he was called “Friend of God” (Isaiah 41:8). This new relationship with God gave Abraham joy, all God’s blessings and the knowledge of his secrets.

If you are ready to sacrifice your own interests you can become God’s friend. Jesus said in John 15, “I do not call you servants but I have called you friends.” As in the case of Abraham God wants to honor his friendship with us by his promise, “I will bless you . . . you will be a blessing.” Don’t we like being a blessing for everyone?

– Stephen Paul


O Lord, help us to be your real friend. Enable us to sacrifice our own interest for your sake.