Honesty With God

Stephen Paul

READ : Genesis 32:24-31

A careful look at the life of Jacob very clearly shows the basis of real blessing. Jacob was blessed in the place where he was honest with God. God asks him, “What is your name?” When his father had asked him the same question twenty years earlier, he had lied and said, “I am Esau.” But now he is honest. He says, “I am Jacob,” or, in other words, a deceiver (the meaning of his name). There was no guile in Jacob now. And so God could bless him. God wants us to be transparent too. God blessed Jacob because he confessed he was a hypocrite and there was pretense in his life.

Dear friends, it takes real brokenness for anyone to confess as Jacob did. Many Christians present themselves with a false humility to gain a reputation for being humble. God wants an honesty that comes out of a truly broken and contrite heart. That is costly. There is so much guile in all of us. May God have mercy on us for pretending to be so pure when we are not. Let us seek sincerity and honesty with all our heart and then there will be no limit to God’s blessing in our lives.

– Stephen Paul


Let all our dealings with you, O Lord, be honest.