Following Christ Is Costly

Stephen Paul

READ : 2 Corinthians 11:23-31

The Apostle Paul could have chosen an easy life when he was saved on the Damascus road. He could have settled down to a comfortable life as a Christian businessman in Antioch. But he didn’t do that.

He went out to serve God and endured hardship. He got 195 lashes on his back; he was stoned, suffered shipwreck and faced many dangers in his service for God. He was determined that he would not offer Christ any service that cost him nothing.

The Moravian Brethren, 200 years ago, formed one of the greatest missionary movements. Two of their members heard of a leper colony in Africa where no missionary was allowed to enter and then return home for fear that the disease might spread in Germany. They volunteered to go into that leper colony for the remainder of their life in order to present Christ there.

How much has it cost us to serve Christ – in terms of loss of money, comfort, reputation and health? If our Christianity has not cost us everything that this world counts dear, we really do not know the meaning of serving God. The Lord is calling people today who will follow him in the pathway of the Cross – being emptied of everything.

– Stephen Paul


Dear Lord, help us to be ready to pay the cost of serving you.