Miracles Never Cease

Stephen Paul

READ : Psalm 118:14-18

I have the vivid memory of the sickness of my father who was lying in bed following a heart attack in 1971. Attending doctors said he could survive for only a few hours. However, at the onset of the attack God’s word flashed in his mind as a promise, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done” (v. 17). He uttered it loudly and then fell unconscious. Everybody, including all our family members, was wondering what was going to happen since doctors had given up hope.

It was a miracle when we saw him open his eyes after 72 hours. He was unable to speak because an embolus (clot) had lodged in his brain impairing his speech, but it cleared in a few days and the Lord raised him according to the verse he spoke. After recovery he wrote four books in Hindi (the main language of India). They were published and proved to be a source of inspiration for many people.

This experience opened my eyes to see how God still does miracles if we trust his word, even at the eleventh hour, in order to make use of our life for his glory. Since then I have seen a number of miracles in my own life. Do you want to see God work on your behalf? Trust his word.

– Stephen Paul


Lord, help us to trust your word with naked faith.