God Controls Our Circumstances

Stephen Paul

READ : Psalm 18:30-32

We all know that believers, though they might have been walking with the Lord for many years, become shaky sometimes. The reason is that their faith is not resting securely on three basic facts concerning God: his perfect love, absolute power and perfect wisdom.

If we are convinced about his love, we must be equally convinced about his sovereign power as well. That is why Jesus taught us to pray addressing God as “Our Father in heaven.” “Our Father” reminds us of his perfect love, with which he has made us his children and directs our ways. “In heaven” reminds us that he is God ruling over everything that happens on earth through his absolute sovereign power. Being God, he is also perfectly wise and so orders our ways perfectly according to his wisdom.

If God were not perfect in love, power and wisdom, our faith would not rest upon an adequate foundation. But because he is all three, we need never be shaken. Faith is a human personality leaning on God with total confidence in his perfect love, absolute power and perfect wisdom. God said, “My ways are higher than your ways” (Isa. 55:8,9). Only God by his grace can enable us to understand the traits of God’s character.

– Stephen Paul


Dear Lord, open our eyes and enable us to understand who you are.