God Honors Our Faith

Stephen Paul

READ : Matthew 17:14-20

The marriage of our daughter was fixed for January 3, 2001. Two weeks prior to that date a road accident took place in our town resulting in the death of a Muslim girl. One police officer and three constables (all Hindus) were injured in the ensuing mob clash. Police opened fire killing three Muslims and a curfew was imposed. We started praying earnestly that our marriage plans would materialize. Total curfew was lifted after five days. But the next day the injured police officer died and a Hindu? Muslim riot broke out. Indefinite curfew was clamped again on December 31. Some people suggested we change the marriage date but we continued to pray and trust God. On January 2 the curfew was relaxed for 6 hours and on the third for 12 hours. The marriage was solemnized as planned!

Dear friends, if we have faith God still does miracles in hopeless situations. To experience it one need not be a spiritual giant or a saint. It is faith, as small as a mustard seed, that matters. When Jesus talked about the shifting of a mountain he was referring to miracles by faith.

“Elijah was just as human as we are and for three and a half years his prayers kept rain from falling” (James 5:17).

– Stephen Paul


Lord increase our faith. We are impotent, not you!