I Thought I Knew Him

Andrew Opari

READ : 1 Corinthians 2:1-10

I’m among those millions of people who thought they knew the Lord. Born in Albania, a country of philosophical paradoxes, a troubled past, suffering under the severest communist dictatorship and constitutional atheism, I thought that I had the luck to know the Lord. Was I right? I thought I was.

I was baptized in secrecy in Albania. My grandmother tried to bring me up as a Christian Orthodox believer because my parents were afraid to tell me anything out of fear of persecution and deportation. But what did my grandmother tell me? Was it a good beginning? Under the circumstances it wasn’t bad. She told me that Jesus was the best person on earth and as a child I had to pray to him in order to fulfill my desires and become a good person too. At that time I found it difficult to understand why I had to hide the best person on earth. Why was I encouraged to love him, and at the same time not tell anyone about him?

– Andrew Opari


Lord, I pray today for all persons who follow Christian traditions yet do not know you. Lead them to the joy and assurance of a personal trust in you.