Then We Found Each Other

Andrew Opari

READ : Jeremiah 31:31-34

The years went by and I gradually began to understand the communist threat and suppression in Albania. I wanted to read something, but Bibles and other religious literature had long disappeared. The big Albanian dictionary did not include entries like Bible, Jesus, priest, church, Christian and Christianity.

When I think about that time, it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. We were denied our identity; we were denied our past. Only after I escaped and came to the West did I hear that the Apostle Paul had been in Ilyricum, my country, the country of my Christian forefathers!

During my first months in the West, I was asked to edit the newly translated New Testament in Albanian. Reading through the pages I came to understand who Jesus is. I realized how primitive my faith was and how profane my life. What my grandma told me was nothing but a spark smothered in the deep darkness.

– Andrew Opari


Lord, I thank you that you direct wandering and deprived souls so they may know you truly.