Jesus Set Me Free

Andrew Opari

READ : John 8:31-41

People in the West are free to do whatever they like and they take that liberty for granted. Many of them think they are free because they live in a democratic society, but if you ask them about the freedom Jesus brings, some stop to ponder.

It’s like me. I thought I knew Jesus, but now I can say that I knew nothing of him. When I came to the West I thought I was free like most Europeans and Americans think. But I experienced real freedom when I came to know him. I do not hesitate to say that Jesus changed my life in a remarkable way.

Now communism has gone, but people still suffer because of its false message. Jesus is still denied to them by numerous suppressive forces. They are afraid of him. Political, ideological and religious leaders don’t set people free to know him, because through knowing him people come to know who they really are. They discover how God values and affirms every person.

– Andrew Opari


Lord God, please free captive people everywhere who are bound by spiritual ignorance. Release them from every power that denies them the freedom and ability to know you Amen.