Celebrate Jesus' Mission Again

Andrew Opari

READ : Romans 15:14-21

With great effort my Albanian brothers and sisters managed to register their radio station and get a license. And they were fighting financial difficulties in poverty-stricken Albania to begin broadcasting for real. Our Lord Jesus was not born in a fancy rich place, but he became the most famous person on earth. Although his beginning was insignificant, Jesus was sure of his mission and goal.

Through the faces of these youth who welcomed me, I could read their decisiveness and optimism for their Christian “Radio 7.” Then the celebration began. Lights were put out. A young man appeared carrying a nicely decorated cake with lighted candles. All began to sing joyfully: “Happy birthday to you! . . . Happy Birthday, Savior Jesus, happy birthday to you!” One of them asked us to pray. Before eating we were invited to ask forgiveness for our wrong doings and to forgive those who wronged us. The whole place was filled with the happy voices of these young people who could not stop singing songs for Jesus. I was the oldest of them all.

Deep in my heart I felt like a pupil learning from the faith of these young people. The seed of faith the Apostle Paul sowed 2000 years ago in Ilyricum is bearing fruit today.

– Andrew Opari


Lord Jesus, complete your mission through youth today.