Eat the Glass

Persian Coordinator

READ : Matthew 24:23-25

When I was a new believer with little knowledge about how to defend my faith, I traveled around selling Bibles. One day I met a shop owner who challenged my faith. After I told him I had a special spiritual book he could not find in his town, he asked me if I believed in Jesus.

I answered, “Yes, otherwise I would not be selling these books.” I noticed his face turn red. His eyes looked bloodshot. He took a kerosene lamp and declared, “If you believe Jesus is true, then he can protect you. Take this lamp and eat it.”

I responded with shock, “Sir, I am not crazy.” To my amazement, he began to eat the lamp like a piece of bread. My body trembled as I realized I could not reason with this man. I expected blood to come from his mouth but none came when he shouted, “Then you do not believe in your God.” He cursed me and angrily chased me out of his shop.

My faith was shaken. Satan tried to persuade me that a man who could eat glass and not die had a faith that was superior to Christianity. Then Jesus’ words came to me; “False prophets will perform wonders so as to deceive, if possible, God’s chosen ones.”

– Persian Coordinator


Lord, help us not be deceived by wonders of the world, but recognize the true miracle of changed hearts.