"He Experienced the Love of Christ"

Persian Coordinator

READ : Romans 8:35-39

In my zeal to share my new faith, I told one of our community leaders that I had become a Christian. He was not open-minded as I expected but took me directly to the mullah at the local mosque. He declared that I had turned away from the truth and had become a pagan.

I was filled with fear as I realized that with one word this man had the authority to persecute me or make me an outcast. I did not know what to say. The mullah tried to prove to me that Christianity was an old religion and Islam was the final truth. All I could say was that I had experienced the love of Christ.

The mullah turned to the community leader and said, “I cannot turn this young man back to Islam because he has experienced the love of Christ. Nothing, not even death can bring him back.” After threatening me, they let me go.

I could not believe what had happened. How could a spiritual man of another religion say such a thing? His words caused me to want to learn even more about Christ’s love. Indeed, if you have experienced the love of Christ, nothing can separate you from it.

– Persian Coordinator


Lord, help me to be drawn closer to you, even by the words and actions of non-believers.