A Twentieth-Century Stephen

Persian Coordinator

READ : Acts 7:54-60

I will never forget Evony, a poor, illiterate Kurd. Evony became a Christian when he was about 35 years old. Because he had polio as a child his face was disfigured and he was blind in one eye. His shocking appearance made him an outcast from society and, unfortunately, he was never accepted into the local Christian fellowship either. This did not stop Evony from loving his Savior. He earned a meager living from making and selling rugs. In his own way he was a Christian witness.

One day we heard Evony had been badly hurt and needed help. He visited a village where a group of men got upset when he told them about Jesus. They stoned him so severely that he almost died. When the police came to his rescue, they told Evony to write a letter of complaint against the men. Evony declined, saying that they did not know what they were doing and he forgave them.

At the last moment of his life, Evony held my hand. I expected him to complain about his pain but he asked, “Do you see him?” I asked him, “Who?”

He answered, “I see Jesus. I see Jesus. I see Jesus.” Then he passed into the very presence of his Savior.

– Persian Coordinator


Lord, help me to accept people in spite of their appearance. They may be another Stephen.