Wait for the New Harvest

John C.L.

READ : James 5:7-11

After the month of December each year, my people in Laos go to the mountainous areas or the deep jungle to select a plot for planting. We cut all of the trees and wait two to three months for them to dry and then burn them. If some branches do not burn, we gather them together and burn again until the field is clean enough to plant crops such as rice, corn, cucumbers and so on.

Since we have no fertilizer like developed countries, we plant our crops in one plot for two years only and then move to another place. We watch our crops very closely and make sure no wild animals come to destroy them. We clean up all the weeds and make sure the main crops are growing well.

When harvest time comes, we bring the produce home and kill livestock. We invite relatives and friends to enjoy the big feast together with us because God has blessed us with all the crops and spared our lives through another year.

Are you waiting for the Lord’s coming as much as your salary or crops?

– Rev. John C.L.


Lord, thank you for bringing each one of us to be your children. Please help us to be faithful servants as the harvesters wait for their crops.