Our God Is a Shepherd

Luis Pellecer

READ : Ezekiel 34:7-16

Our God wanted his people to understand him so in ancient times he identified himself as a shepherd. A shepherd’s task is endless, and messy. Yet our majestic God calls himself a shepher1d.

In this prophecy God reveals key features about himself, his character, and the way he feels toward us.

A shepherd devotes all his attention to his sheep. His eyes are always upon his flock. His ears are always alert to their feeble bleating. He is sensitive to each of their needs. He knows that sheep tend to go astray. A good shepherd knows each sheep.

So David wrote: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” These words show us the humble love of God. He lowers his dignity to attend to every detail of our needs. Political leaders try to impress their people with their humble beginnings so that common folk feel comfortable with them. In the same fashion the most high and omnipotent God invites me to call him “my shepherd.” I feel secure because he guides me on the right path. As I go about my daily duties, I remember that my God will take care of me just as a shepherd does for his sheep.

– Rev. Luis Pellecer


Lord, I thank you for undertaking the troublesome work of constantly caring for me.