The Sovereign God Is Gentle

Luis Pellecer

READ : Isaiah 40:9-11

God wants believers to know each of his attributes. Israel learned the power of the Lord and his constant provision through the crossing of the Jordan and his victories over their enemies. But now the prophet Isaiah calls Israel’s attention to God’s compassion.

God chose Israel as his special people with the purpose to establish his kingdom. Out of this nation Messiah would come. But the fact that they were God’s people did not mean that their life would be easy. They would need to be courageous and devoted in the midst of all kinds of trials. Isaiah presents a picture of a God whose eternal arms have been carrying them all the time.

God promised that in Jesus he will be a shepherd for each of us, providing for every daily need. He will be gentle with the lambs and their young. So God reveals his great compassion, tenderness, and mercy to us. God wants us to experience his personal care through Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd.” In addition, God wants us to duplicate his love and compassion in our relationship with others, especially those who hurt and are outside the fold of God.

– Rev. Luis Pellecer


Lord, help us to be instruments of your compassion and kindness so that others may come to know you. Amen.