"I Am the Good Shepherd"

Luis Pellecer

READ : John 10:7-18

This is one of the most beautiful declarations of Jesus. Note that he uses the word “good” and not “better” or “excellent.” He uses the word “good” to contrast it with the word “bad.” In the story of creation, God rejoiced in the fact that everything he was creating was “good.” We can be sure that there is nothing bad in his goodness. His character only produces good.

What does Jesus do as a Good Shepherd? He knows each of his sheep. He calls each sheep by name. He will not allow his flock to be dispersed. He takes his flock to lush pastures and is willing to give his life for them. He will never run away in the presence of danger.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd because he loves us even though he knows us perfectly. He knows our tendency to stray away. He knows all our weaknesses. He knows when we are weary and burdened and then takes us into his arms. He knows when we need to be pushed so he encourages us. He talks to us through his Word. He loves to hear our expressions of love for him and our prayers. I am grateful that he gave his life for me. Though I am an imperfect sheep I am sure of his unconditional and eternal love for me.

– Rev. Luis Pellecer


Lord, I thank you for being my Shepherd and for loving me even as I am. Amen.