The Great Shepherd Trains the Sheep

Luis Pellecer

READ : Hebrews 13:20

John the Baptist presented Jesus as the “Lamb of God.” Jesus offered himself as a lamb in sacrifice for us in order to become the complete shepherd. His sacrifice was perfect so now he can care for his universal flock throughout the whole world.

As the Great Shepherd he equips his sheep so they can become shepherds. Every believer is both sheep and shepherd. A father at home is a sheep of the Lord but also shepherd to his family. Every one of us should invite Jesus to work in our lives so that we can shepherd people whom the Lord places in our care.

We should be grateful for our Great Shepherd who through his blood brought us into a covenant and eternal relationship with the triune God. And now as a risen Lord he is with us to the very end of the age. Through the Spirit he empowers us to serve him and others.

Our Great Shepherd gives us a high privilege, to be both a sheep and a shepherd. Perhaps you are now playing the role of a sheep, but the Lord is calling you to be a shepherd to hurting, endangered sheep. You can be sure that he will provide everything you need to be a great shepherd.

– Rev. Luis Pellecer


Great Shepherd, I thank you for calling me to be your sheep and for giving me the privilege to be a shepherd.