Come Back to the Shepherd!

Luis Pellecer

READ : 1 Peter 2:20-25

The Apostle Peter wrote this letter to scattered Jewish believers who had been converted to Christ. Having left Palestine they were dispersed among the distant nations in the Mediterranean world. Today we preach the gospel not only to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” but to all nations. God is calling people not to go back to any particular country but to come to saving faith in Christ.

There are many people who leave the church and wander away. It is possible that you or somebody whom you know and love has departed from the church. You know that the world is cold and indifferent and things get tough. I think it is impossible to go on without the Lord and his people. Scattered sheep finally will die alone.

But something exciting happens when a lost sheep is found. It causes rejoicing in heaven and in the church! The person who is found experiences joy and peace, happiness and fulfillment.

As a pastor I have experienced the joy of seeing people come back to the Lord after a time of being stranded and estranged, alone without God. Don’t stop praying for those dear ones that have wandered away from the Lord!

– Rev. Luis Pellecer


Heavenly Shepherd, forgive us for wandering away from you. Keep us close to you and to one another. Amen.